Xarxa de bancs de tumors de Catalunya

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Material Request

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General Conditions

  1. The samples are given with for investigation use only, which must be ruled by the common ethical criteria, never with lucrative drives. Providing this material to third parties without authorization of this institution it’s strictly forbidden.
  2. Sample requests are placed before the rules and actions of our institution’s ethical & scientific committee from each bank. 
  3. The bank binds itself to provide the samples in the conditions and time agreed and to provide anonymous information about the sample source (age, sex and accurate histopathological diagnoses). 
  4. As a general rule, samples with known contagious and infective capacity will not be included into the Tissues and Tumors Bank. Given that it’s impossible to know precisely all of the samples, the Bank takes no responsibility at all neither about the potential infectivity of the provided material nor about an assured sterility of these samples.
  5. The requesting investigator takes all responsibility about the instruction of his crew in dangers and security protocols issues working with human tissues
  6. The Bank takes no responsibility about manipulation related or shipment related damages to the samples once sent.
  7. The cost of the samples are from the expenses in processing and storage of that samples and request management.
  8. The investigator binds himself to give credit of the precedence of the samples from the Tumors Bank of this institution to the potentially publications because of this material, and binds oneself to give back a copy of those publications as well.


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